About Pharmtex Medical

Pharmtex Medical is a distribution business for medical devices and food supplements of excellent track record started 2005, currently an independently owned limited liability company. 

Anton Popov, M.D. - General ManagerAnton Popov, M.D. – General Manager

Our intention is to effectively promote and offer medical devices in Bulgaria and the region in addition to supplying qualified after sales services. As a result, professionalism and trust, quality and expertise are our basic concepts in order to meet our client expectations and to maintain a reliable collaboration with vendors.

Pharmtex Medical is founded by proven professionals with extensive experience in marketing of medical devices since 2000. We distribute such products from leading world manufacturers for the following medical specialties:

Angiography and interventional cardiology
Imaging and invasive radiology
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Internal Medicine

Staff members are perceived to be the key factor for customer delight and as a result significant emphasis is given to their education, expertise and trust.

To keep pace with the most up to date industry evolutions and customer requirements, we are approachable for brand-new devices, vendors and partners. We value the code of professional business conduct and apply the very best practices in the medical devices distribution business.


Consistent solutions are identified for business operations concerning obligations and highest quality methods atop the organizational framework.


Our quality administration system is based upon ISO 9001. We anticipate to execute ISO 13485 as an integral component of our administration model in 2014. We are committed to establish the administration model and to make certain that all staff members recognize its programs and goals.

Working conditions

Pharmtex Medical is committed to supply great working conditions surpassing lawful requirements and values a cumulative work deal for all employees. A professional workplace protection administration system is an essential part of our management system.